Jade-Nicole Smith

Director and founder of Lesley Homes LTD

"From managing a major London lettings office at the age of 21 with some staff 10 years my senior, to starting my own agency based in Brighton in 2019; property has always been a passion of mine. 

With Lesley Homes Lets in Brighton now fully operational, I am now looking to aid in the housing delivery targets of the local councils and districts to provide sustainable, affordable homes to those looking for forever or starter homes.

Over the years I have acquired a team of valuable professionals from agents to landlords, chartered planners and builders as well as everyone in-between who I am excited to be working with going forward."


Incorporated in 2019, Lesley Homes was created as a mediator for landlords and HMO tenants. Dealing with each individual tenant as our own we are able to provide landlords with a reliable option for their properties whilst providing stable income for their rent. We ensure a hands-off service with assurance that tenants and properties are well cared for in between; having taken on over 11 properties in 2020-21 alone this service has proved to be a success. 

Lesley Homes Developments is now working with local councils across the country to develop brownfield sites, convert unused or vacant buildings as well as create further dwellings where possible to help meet the demand of housing as set by town action plans.


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

W: 07496 868 687